If you are looking for a comfortable canoe for fishing or calm water rowing trips, then the Lifetime Emotion Wasatch Canoe is the product that fulfills your requirement. This awesome boat has the capacity to carry three individuals easily. The Lifetime Emotion Wasatch Canoe is the largest blow molded canoe available in the stores and it is capable of high-grade stability and tracking capability in the water.

Enjoy fishing in a comfort zone

The Wasatch is highly stable canoe in water and easy to launch and pull off it from the water. Its tough material enhances the durability of the hull and also makes it the impact free.  Lifetime Emotion Wasatch Canoe is simply wonderful angling. It is supportive for three paddlers and the middle seat carries the cooler underneath. Having this amazing boat makes you impatient for visiting the nearby water reservoir.

All-purpose larger

It is somehow difficult to afford to have multiple boats for different purposes. The best way is to have a multipurpose or all in one type of boat. The Wasatch Canoe by Lifetime Emotion is an efficient choice as it is of an ideal size with almost all favorable features. It’s strong and damage resistant body provides durability and stability.

Holders for managing drinks and rods provide a luxurious feeling during your trip. It is easy to maneuver and steer. The mounting of electric motor gives an improvement in maneuvering speed. It is sufficient for three people that mean it allows to enjoy water expedition with your friends or family rather than in loneliness.

Specs & features

  • Material: UV-protected blow-molded high-density polyethylene
  • Length: 13’ / 3.9 m / 156 “
  • Height: 18.5”
  • Width: 39”
  • Weight: 96 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs
  • Appropriate for three people
  • Removable backrests
  • Built-in skeg enhances the tracking
  • Excellent for canoeing and angling
  • 3 Blow molded seats and front and rear with adjustable backrests
  • Two molded-in cup holders and two blends of cup / fishing rod holders
  • Two well-designed handles
  • Suitable for use of electric motors having a thrust rating of 40 lbs
  • Two ditty trays at the rear
  • Cooler under the middle seat


  • Spacious enough for three people with their luggage
  • Skeg wheel is incorporated for easy transportation
  • Warranty on the hull is for near about 5 years
  • Durable and damage resistant
  • Comfortable sitting with adjustable seat backs.
  • UV protected and pigment resistant
  • Transom motor mount bracket is available in it


  • Heavier in weight than most
  • Skeg wheel is not helpful for short distance
  • Cup holders are shallow and need to be deeper


In blow molded canoes, the Lifetime Emotion Wasatch Canoe is the largest one that is selling within the market right now. Its stability in water and capacity along with other striking features demand a favorable verdict. No doubt it is a very good companion on the water whether you are doing angling or canoeing to enjoy the natural beauty. This multipurpose canoe is highly recommended for purchase and comes in with a very competitive, and affordable price.