There may be a hundred types of boats and canoes available for you to ride and glide along the river. However, not every canoe has a whole lot of excellent features to offer. If you are looking for capacity, versatility, seaworthiness, and basically an all-in-one canoe, the Mad River Explorer 15 Canoe is for you. This is the closest you will get to an all-purpose canoe that is suitable for all your camping trips, family cruises, fishing sprees or simple relaxing rides on the calm waters.

It will cater to all your needs

The Mad River Explorer 15 canoe is an all-rounder canoe that has a great IQ system which is very well-designed and well thought out. Even when you switch from tandem to solo or vice versa, it won’t cause any issue or trouble for you and will go along all your needs and requirements.

It is one of the most stable boats that will stay just the same regardless of the water conditions, rough or calm. This canoe will give you a super smooth ride with easily adjustable seats that provide utmost comfort to the riders. It tracks really well too without any obstacles getting in the way.

Versatility at its best

The Mad River Explorer 15 features a shallow V-hull which is the most versatile hull cross section. It also displays a superior rough water performance with highest final stability. This allows the canoe to be tuned and maneuvered accordingly. It has a moderate rocker with the most flexible keel line. The canoe also provides good balance between speed and maneuverability.

The Explorer 15 is made of Royalex, a material which is multi laminated in nature and allows the canoe to be super lightweight, durable, buoyant and ridged. This material is such that it lets the canoe return to its normal shape without any damage to the hull. The canoe is also characterized with IQ gunwales which are made of aluminum and have dual channels which allow easy installation of accessories. It requires minimal maintenance and is very stiff to enhance hull efficiency.

Specs and Features

  • Length: 14’9”/ 450 cm
  • Width: 33.75”/ 86 cm
  • Average weight: 62 lbs/ 28kg
  • Rocker type: Moderate
  • Hull: Shallow-V
  • Colors: Red, green


  • Worth the price
  • Light weight
  • Super stiff
  • Stable in all conditions
  • Predictable in dangerous waters
  • Adjustable seats


  • Small for extended camping trips
  • Lower initial stability
  • Slower than shallow arch in calm conditions


This is one of the best and all-rounder canoes in the entire Mad River series. Despite of the few drawbacks, the canoe has proven to be an amazing product which is worth the cost which is a little on the expensive side. Be it a solo trip or a small friends’ camping journey, the canoe will live up to the expectations of the riders. Hence, the verdict for it goes out in the positive.