What is an outdoor water side picnic without a fun filled canoeing experience? Mad River surely recognizes the wonders of a leisurely canoeing experience. It has always designed the most stable and optimum canoes and small boats, to meet the needs of water lovers.

Designed by a renowned designer Jim Henry, the Mad River journey 156 canoe features a unique but versatile design. It offers ultimate stability and control, without any compromise on performance and fun filled experience. What else would you need?

Durable and Resilient construction

Mad river manufacturers have made no compromises on the quality or durability of their products. The Mad River Journey 156 Canoe has been crafted using the highest quality and resilient Triple Tough polyethylene, which offers the most resilient outer structure. Additionally, the use of triple tough polyethylene also results in an optimum flotation.

The canoe therefore requires little or no maintenance and has an excellent durability level. Therefore, it can last a few years before you decide to go for a new one.

Advanced molding techniques

Mad river has implied the use of the latest and advanced molding techniques. These techniques are based on filling more material in the areas which receive high impact, and filling less in the areas which will receive lower impact. Moreover, it’s perfectly symmetric and shallow arch hull results in optimum tracking on the flat water.

The higher volume hull with gentle, rockered ends also result in the best flat water tracking. There are two paddlers in the canoe for floating it into the water. There are two wooden webbed seats for two people, and a sculpted portage yoke also, to make the canoe even better than others available in the market.

Specifications and features

  • Best Use: Canoeing
  • Material(s): Polyethylene
  • Gunwales Material: Vinyl
  • Length: 15 ft. 6 in.
  • Width: 37 inches
  • Depth: 15 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Color: Red or spruce
  • Seat Type: Webbing
  • Number of Paddlers: 2
  • Weight Capacity (lbs.): 1,131 pounds
  • Shallow Arch
  • Moderate Rocker
  • Side Profile: Flared
  • Symmetrical design
  • Web Seats (Optional Bow & Stern: Rotomolded)
  • Stained Contoured Ash Yoke
  • 2 paddles for floating in the water


  • high flotation
  • excellent durability and low maintenance
  • light and stiff hull
  • provides excellent tracking
  • handles at bow and stern decks aid in transport
  • Symmetrical design
  • 2 Wood web Seats
  • Smooth water ride


  • No storage compartment
  • Capacity only for two people
  • Heavyweight
  • Minor cosmetic defects
  • No provision for electric motor
  • Requires tiresome paddling


On the ratings and review charts, the Mad River Journey 156 Canoe has received higher rankings. Although it has lesser seating capacity and cannot provide for family trips, however couples or two or three friends can surely enjoy the water trip experience with this canoe. Although electric motors cannot be installed, the two paddles can surely assist in the flotation. Aside from minor cosmetic defects, the canoe is perfect for the water ride and one-day trip.