[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”73″ identifier=”B00S2I9YG8″ locale=”US” src=”http://canoereview.com/wp-A durable and a good quality canoe can pave the way towards long hours of relaxed boat riding, fishing, camping or simply having a good time appreciating nature. To be able to do all that, Old Town Discovery 169 Recreational Canoe is a great option for you. To date, this model is one of the longest in the entire Discovery series.

The size of the canoe which is nearly 17 feet speaks for its abilities of thriving in long distances and reaching the middle of the river. It’s one of the most suitable boats for weekdays and weekends, exploratory trips and taking time out from your everyday routine.

The Perfect Fit

Given the size of the canoe, loading it with gear and then travelling long distances with it is certainly no issue. The boat functions perfectly even in cases where additional load needs to be put into it without coming to a halt. It works best for those boat riders who want something tough as a rock with increased capacity. It is not a solo canoe and can easily carry three adults plus cargo which is a great advantage.

The Discovery 169 is a super comfortable canoe with nylon web seats which are extremely durable and long lasting. The construction of the boat is also infused with a three layer polyethylene which simply means that it has the ability to survive well even in rough conditions. The vinyl gunwales serve as strong and powerful sides of the board, preventing it from suffering any kind of damage. It also has an ash carrying yoke and thwart which are basically struts positioned in a cross wise manner.

They make a great use as a carrying pole. The structure of the boat also makes it easy to for the riders to use handles which would make their ride smooth and fast. It glides over obstacles without stopping. It has a shallow arch too which aids in maneuvering and moving the water.

Specs and features

  • Length: 16’9/ 5.1m
  • Width: 37”/ 94cm
  • Bow height: 23”/ 58.4cm
  • Material: Three layer polyethylene
  • Rocker: Moderate
  • Sides: Straight
  • Bottom: Shallow arch


  • Very stable
  • Easy to paddle and control
  • Carries over 1000 lbs easily
  • Wonderful for fishing
  • Extremely strong
  • Durable


  • Heavier than the standard weight
  • Gunwales heat up in summers
  • Hard to ride on windy days


While the weight of this canoe may seem to be an issue for many riders, regardless of that, it is an amazing boat and doesn’t let its weight get in the way. It is quite an all-rounder which works great for every purpose. It is definitely worth the money and will make sure you only make a onetime investment.