Are you tired of sitting at your home and want to have some picnic outside in the sea? Well, the usual option which comes in your mind would be a small boat ride or fishing probably. Try something new this time by riding a canoe. For those who don’t have any great idea about a canoe, it is a small boat which is run through paddles having the seating capacity of 3 to 5 passengers.

Canoe racing is one of the most important sports in many parts of the world today as well. Sun Dolphin has to present us something amazing in the form of the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15’6” Canoe which comes with a built in cooler.

Protection guaranteed

Protection and safety are one of the most important things when it comes to a canoe. The Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15’6” Canoe with Built-in Cooler has a protective rub-rail so even if your boat has any minor accident, it has the ability to resist the damage.

The Mackinaw is available in several colors such as green, navy and hazelnut and has the capacity of 3 passengers. It is also commonly known as the “canoe for the entire family”.

Optimal stability and tracking

The Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15’6” Canoe with Built-in Cooler has all the comfort for the riders. It has been constructed with the ultraviolet stabilized FortiFlex high-density polyethylene. The other features include the drink holder which is molded into each seat and there’s also a dry storage compartment in which you can store any items such as food, safety equipment, and others etc. A cooler is also there under the center seat.

For the comfort of the riders, there are built-in transport handles and bow and Stern tie-down on eyelets. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15’6″ Canoe has an amazing tracking system and stays stable in some minor rough conditions as well.

Specs and features

  • Size: 15 feet 6 inches
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 42 x 186 inches
  • Color: Green, hazelnut, Navy
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Weight: 93.92 pounds
  • Weight limit: 800 pounds
  • Construction material: high-density polyethylene
  • ASIN: B00E10Q4ZQ


  • A perfect design with extra compartments
  • Drink holders on every seat
  • Comes in number 2 in Canoes on
  • Comes with the protective rub-rail
  • Comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Very stable canoe
  • Not at all tippy
  • Worth the price
  • Glides with ease


  • Not heat resistant
  • Heavier than most


This Sun Dolphin Mackinaw canoe can be considered as a good choice for those who are going on a long ride. This is because this canoe has the ability to store food and water. The only drawback, however, is the fact that the canoe is heavy and not heat resistant.

It can still be considered as a good canoe and it is surely going to last long due to the protective rub-rails. Considered as one of the best seller, the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15’6″ Canoe with Built-in Cooler is definitely a choice worth the price!