Craving for a one day outdoor water trip? Go for it, because our all new Sun Dolphin Scout Canoe (Green, 14-Feet) is a perfect canoe for a family/ friend recreational trip. The canoe offers maximum stability and control when in the water. It can also float freely on strong waves, and comfortable molded seats add to the flotation capacity. Smart travelling features and durable exterior body make it a perfect choice for whole day family picnics.

No paddle easy motor operation

Not a great fan of paddling your canoe? No problem. The sun dolphin scout canoe features a built-in motor transom. Although the motor is not included, it can be easily purchased separately. This ends the tiresome practice of continuous paddling, which may make the trip dull and boring.

The canoe usually has steer, and it maneuvers like any other regular canoe as well. The canoe glides smoothly both with motor and steers, offering an optimum water picnic experience.

Protective construction

The canoe is constructed out of a super durable, high density polyethylene hull. This makes it resilient and long lasting, and also protects it from water damage or corrosion. The seating is totally comfortable which aid in flotation. Moreover, the central seat has a storage capacity beneath it, which offers water protection for cameras, cell phones and other items.

It can also serve as storage for food items, which can last a whole day. Additionally, each seat has individual beverage holders, where each person can stack his/ her glass of favorite drink.

Specifications and Features

  • Size: 186 by 40 by 18.5 inches (L x W x H)
  • Product weight: 95 lbs.
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 765 lbs.
  • Capacity: Three Seats
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Color: Green
  • Model: 51131
  • Brand: Sun Dolphin
  • Durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) hull
  • 6 built-in rod holder locations
  • Built-in transport handles
  • Rugged fortified deck and hull


  • Designed for lake and river boating
  • Optimal stability and tracking
  • provides the electric trolling motor with a sturdy transom
  • Comfortable molded seats aid in flotation
  • Bow and stern tie-down eyelets
  • Protective rub rail
  • Sturdy square back transom
  • Drink holders molded into every seat


  • No motor is included
  • Capacity only for three people


Rating charts and customer reviews indicate that Sun Dolphin Scout Canoe (Green, 14-Feet) is an excellent product, and families have enjoyed their whole day trips on this canoe. It has a durable and resilient structure, lasts long and thus is worth all the money spent.

Users have appreciated the inclusion of a storage capacity, where they can safely keep all their electronic devices, without any fear of water damage. Moreover, it is perhaps one of the few, best canoes which have provision for an electric trolling motor, thus eliminating the need of tiresome paddling.