The history of Canoes dates back to 8000 BC where the first canoe was made using traditional tools and wood by the Indians of Caribbean islands. Modern day canoes are not only improved, but they have been redesigned and made safer as well. With the high quality of material used in the construction of hull and complete storage space facilities, these canoes are much better than what they once were.

Well, if you need to a canoe that is not only safe but offers great canoeing experience, then choose the Sun Dolphin Scout SS canoe. Sun Dolphin has been designing such amazing canoes for a long time now and this particular product is no doubt, their masterpiece.

Motor Optional Canoe

Many people find it too tiring and hard to paddle a canoe. No worries, scout SS is a motor-based canoe. Though the motor is not attached with the canoe itself, but you can ascribe an electric trolling motor with a sturdy transom. You can easily go on great speeds once the motor is attached. In case you don’t want an aggressive ride and you want your experience to be a smooth and soft one, you can use the paddles or even use the motor with a lower RPM.

Optimal Stability

Perfect balance means a perfect control and a further perfect grip of the rider on the canoe. This provides you with optimal stability and tracking features. It is one of the best seller’s canoes as it is ranked at number 2 out of thousands of canoes being sold at Amazon.

The Scout has a strong and high-density polyethylene hull. The size of this canoe is 14 feet. It was launched in the 15.6-feet size as well. With the maximum capacity for three passengers, it is easily transportable and doesn’t have a lot of weight.

Specs and Features

  • Size: 14 feet
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 40 x 186 inches
  • Shipping weight: 112.43 pounds
  • Hull material: Durable high-density polyethylene hull
  • Optional trolling motor function
  • Maximum Capacity: 3 passengers


  • Comes among the best sellers
  • Can be used with a motor for extra speed
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Optimal stability and tracking give the perfect control


  • Misleading advertising has led to false claims by the users


The Scout SS 14 feet Canoe is a nice choice for riders, however; many people have recently stopped buying this canoe because of the misleading advertising which was being done on by the company.

Sun Dolphin claimed that this canoe has cup holdings and separate storage as well whereas there was nothing like that in reality and people considered this mistake a fraud. However, considering the other features of the Scout, it is an amazing canoe which is surely going to be a long-lasting partner in recreation, fishing, sports and much more.