Canoeing is still one of the best activities out there as it allows you to connect with old mother nature and looking to stay physically active. Over the years we’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of water sports as outdoor recreation takes the best of nature and combines it with a relaxing, and milder form of outdoor recreation. Canoeing is one of the oldest forms of transformation on water and one of the most relaxing forms of entertainment.

Canoes are lightweight, handcrafted, and unique smaller forms of boats that allow you to get from one place to another with ease. The ability to move through shallower water, can be considered entertainment and used in many outdoor water activities such as fishing makes canoes highly versatile. When looking at the numerous canoes out on the market right now, it takes a true unbiased review to show you the best of the best based on your own needs.

Whether you’re looking for a canoe big enough for the entire family or one you can take to the shallows for a day of fishing, we have all the information you need. The following reviews are the Top 10 Canoes in 2020 along with all the reasons why.

10. Old Town Rogue River 154 Square Stern Canoe - 9.3

The Old Town Rogue River 154 is a comfortable and highly versatile canoe that is more than enough room for up to three riders. This hand-crafted square stern canoe comes in as one of the best-selling out there with a very budget friendly price tag under $900. This canoe has become one of the best-sellers on Amazon and continues to be considered alongside one’s that are much more expensive with comparable features.

The Rogue River 154 Square Stern Canoe features a bench seat in the center with an insulated cooler which makes it a great choice for those looking to spend a full day on the water. The comfortable front and rear handles makes it very easy for children and adults to do all the work which seems more like a natural ride than one you have to exert a lot of energy. The gliding capability, high end features, and speed is representative of a high quality canoe that you don’t typically see in this price range.

9. MYCANOE Origami Folding Portable Canoe – 9.4

If you’re looking for a truly unique canoe, meet the MYCANOE Origami folding canoe. This extremely portable and easy to set up canoe is not your typical water product as it offers a great mix of water sport technology while giving you the same ride that you may be looking for. This foldable canoe offers a great touch of oriental origami which only takes 10 minutes to fully assemble, and then folded with ease where it can fit in the truck of your car.

This MYCANO Origami canoe comes in with a 9.4 out of 10 and features an optional stabilizer kit which we highly recommend. This gives you more weight capacity which can hold up to two full sized adults with gear with a maximum load capacity of 440 pounds and is much stronger than it looks. MYCANOE’s patented construction is highly durable, and extremely lightweight.

8. Nova Craft Bob Special 15' Fiberglass Canoe – 9.4

This Nova Craft 15” canoe is a fiberglass variant that is one of the best options you can pick up in 2017 as it truly excels in strength, durability, speed, weight, and looks good as well. Finding a high quality fiberglass canoe in this price range is difficult and even harder considering the superior stability which makes it the perfect tandem canoe.

Fit for up to two riders a gear which is highly recommended for leisure riding, fishing, poling, and even children. If you’re looking for a canoe that can accommodate three riders or more, then this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for the highest recommended canoe for solo riding or tandem rides, then this may just be it. Scoring an impressive 9.4 out of 10 helps this Nova Craft Bob Special Canoe #8th in this review.

7. Sun Dolphin Scout Elite 14' Square Stern Hazelnut Canoe – 9.5

The Sun Dolphin Scout Elite is a very sturdy canoe that can accommodate up to three riders comfortably. This 14-foot canoe features molded cup holders with every seat, paddle holders, bow and stern tie down eyelets, and a cooler under the center seat. There’s plenty of storage including a storage booth which makes the canoe the perfect option for full days on the water fishing and family entertainment.

The Scout Elite Square Stern Canoe is an extremely stable ride that boasts amazing gliding capability. A smooth ride through the water with comfortable handles in the front and rear and also features a built in motor transom. Made of UV-Stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene which makes it very strong, but lightweight at the same time.

6. VerySport Canoe Explorer 2pers K2 – 9.5

For those looking for a much more portable and budget friendly option, meet the VerySport Canoe Explorers K2. This inflatable canoe is one of the most unique out there which brings with it many options you won’t find in your typical canoe. With the ability to handle up to two-riders along with storage, this inflatable canoe is a great choice for short water trips, relaxing rides, and fishing.

Scoring a 9.5 out of 10. The VerySport K2 comes in significantly less than other options. With a price tag around $250, it may not be the most durable canoe out there, but much stronger than it looks. The reinforced and resistant vinyl is pretty durable and it’s very easy to inflate and deflate thanks to the dual action pump and action valve.

5. Old Town Discovery 133 Recreational Canoe – 9.5

For those looking for a canoe that offers the best options for recreational use, then the Old Town Discovery 133 is a great choice. This highly rugged, secure, and very stable canoe scores an impressive 9.5 out of 10, and most would argue it should have received much higher. At first sight, the visuals are some of the best we’ve seen, but it’s best features are speed, durability, performance, and inner-rider options.

The Old Discovery 133 features a very durable three-layer polyethylene construction which allows it to withstand contact with rocker, trees, and other unfortunate impacts. On the inside, riders will love the large center soft nylon web seaters and a moderate rocker which offers a great deal of stability. The shallow arch base offers great balance which helps set the stage for many amazing days on the water.

4. Mad River Explorer 15 Canoe – 9.6

The Mad River Explorer is a 15’ canoe that is more than accommodating for up to two full-sized riders on seats, and one in the middle. Featuring a moderate rocker and a shallow V-Hull, stability and balance won’t ever become an issue. With two color options to choose from including green and red the versatility of this canoe has helped make it a top-seller on Amazon.

This canoe comes in highly recommended for those looking for a great all-purpose canoe. For fishing, riding, entertainment, transportation, and so much more, the Mad River Explorer is the perfect escape for those looking for a great shallow or deep water experience. Where this canoe stands out from all the rest is the amazing maneuverability which is easily the easiest and most responsive canoe out there for turning and on-the-spot decisions.

3. Old Town Guide 160 Recreational Canoe – 9.7

The Old Town Guide 160 is a great option for canoeing anywhere including lakes, streams and rivers. This versatile and top choice for recreational riders who are looking for a very versatile and well-balanced ride. The slim, lightweight body makes it very easy to carry which can easily be transported on the roof of a car and is very easy to secure.

Featuring a moderate rocker and shallow arch hull, the Old Town Guide 160 recreational canoe outperforms most others in this review when looking at speed, performance, and handling ability. The simple anchoring system is simple enough for one rider and the three layered roto-molded polyethylene body makes it one of the strongest, and most durable canoes out there.

2. Grumman 17' Double-End .050 Canoe – 9.9

The Grumman 17” Double-End Canoe looks everything like your average canoe, but the performance, speed, and extreme comfort is everything but typical. The silver, sleek design is what you see first, but once inside the comfortable and fast ride will consume you. This high-end canoe provides reduced wind resistance which allows you to literally glide across the water thanks to its aerodynamic shape and lightweight design.

This canoe comes in at 17-feet and can comfortably seat up to three riders and all their gear. This is the perfect choice for campers, fisherman, and families looking to spend an entire day on the water which is well-balanced, very stable, and easy to paddle. The damage resistance will leave you worry free as the strong aluminum, but lightweight finish makes it a much better option than kayaks.

Coming in around $1350 you’re paying for what you get as this Gunman 17-foot canoe will be a purchase you can rely on for many years to come.

1. Old Town Next Canoe – 10.0

Easily, the Old Town Next Canoe is the best option for every rider this year. This high quality, extremely versatility, and one of the most comfortable and feature rich canoes out there has helped make it the best-seller internationally. This Old Town classic offers exceptional and an unforgettable boating experience which is best suited for shallow water canoeing.

Scoring a perfect 10 out of 10, this Old Town canoe features a removable seating system which offers smooth and superb tracking. Offering plenty of room for riders and storage and can accommodate up to 450 pounds which is plenty enough for two full-sized adults. If you’re looking for a solo rider or a dual capacity canoe, this classic is hands down the best one out there.