Canoes can provide us with multiple functions and inflatables take portability and convenience to a whole new level. Whether you want to have some sort of race with a rival, or you just want to go out and have some good time fishing, Canoes become a cheap, lightweight, and easy solution. Canoes are either inflatable or they are made of hard aluminum or metal.

A lot of companies are manufacturing canoes which provide us with different features and are for different purposes. INTEX, known as one of the biggest companies to manufacture canoes, has designed the VerySport Canoe Explorer 2pers K2as well. Read on to find out the amazing features of this canoe.

Sporty design

The VerySport Canoe Explorer 2pers K2has a sporty and quite attractive design. It is an inflatable canoe and comes with a yellow/black mix color. Many of you might be worried that this inflatable canoe would be hard to inflate and deflate, however, with the help of Boston Valve, deflation is quite fast. Whereas, the inflation is quite quick as well due to pump dual action.

With the feature of deflating and inflating, the canoe becomes the one which can be taken anywhere and becomes easy to carry as well. It is a canoe designed for 2 people at the max with the maximum weighing capacity of 160 kilograms.

A Secure choice

One of the biggest risks while buying an inflatable canoe is the fact that it can burst any time if mishandled in a minor way. However, this is not the case in the Canoe Explorer 2pers K2. This is because the vinyl of this kayak is 0.75mm thick and is reinforced and very resistant.

So now even if you unexpectedly have an accident, don’t worry at all because it is going to resist the damage and is much more durable than it looks. Moreover, for additional safety, there are airbags, adjustable and removable backs and proper seats as well.

Specs and Features

  • Dimensions: L312 x I 91 x H 51 cm
  • Seating Capacity: 2 persons
  • Maximum weight: 160 KG
  • Comes with 2 double paddles
  • Seats and airbags, adjustable and removable backs


  • Reinforced and resistant vinyl
  • Secure and safe
  • Cheap
  • Sporty and attractive design
  • Pump dual action and Boston valve make the inflation and deflation fast
  • Can be transported easily


  • Quite a small canoe designed for 2 people only


The verdict for this inflatable canoe goes out in the positive for the adventurers. The riders who want to explore something new and are willing to enjoy this sport in a sporty designed canoe, the VerySport Canoe Explorer 2pers K2 will be the best choice for them. Other users can also use it for fishing, picnic, friendly races and much more, and this is one canoe which is going to perform exceptionally well in all cases.